After months spent fixing the ‘last round of feedback’, tweaking the animation ‘just a bit’, listening to people say ‘Next week pakka live’, and almost losing hope of ever seeing it shine, we finally released it a couple of weeks ago.

Ladies and gents, it’s ‘ShineShah’, the conqueror of evil, the vanquisher of darkness, it’s … the sh*t.
Do have a look for the sake of the 3 million man-hours put into it, if nothing else.


We’re planning to hold off the promotion for the time being to see how far we can go without it, and tweak it further based on the responses we get.

You see, after so many long nights spent staring at the bloody thing, we’ve kinda lost the perspective here.
So please do tell us what you think, and how we can make this better. We promise we’ll give you due credit and send you a customized thank you e-mailer too.

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