We do whatever it takes to catch and engage people online. –
Be it display media (banners), rich media (kick*** banners), social media, websites, videos and animations (yes, those ‘viral’ thingies), online games…

… But before we jump into that, we like to ask why. Why a brand needs to tweet, why a brand needs (or doesn’t need) a ‘your-brand-ville’ … et cetera.

It may not always be easy (or indeed, pleasant), but we try to understand the needs of the brand, and see how we can best fulfill them online.

Because we think all those things listed above are simply channels. And if the message is flawed or not compelling enough, it hardly matters which one we use.

So, we try to make sure whatever we do helps spread the right message to the right people in the best possible way.

Oh, and if you’re curious: ‘Digivaasi’ means digital natives. (Yes, like aadivasi.) Not digital experts, not social media gurus … just a bunch of folks who live in this medium and love to discover its new surprises, every single day

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