Excited for my first working place, I entered office way before anyone else on my first day. Digivaasi’s office, located in one of the most beautiful lanes of Shahpur Jat hosts a fun and exciting environment. I was greeted by some creative people who with their encouraging words described the company’s work atmosphere and then got busy working on their crazy desks full of toys and Michael Jackson poster. A little later, I met the COO of the company for a small conversation. He informed me about my role and work, thereby introducing me to my mentor.

Digivaasi, being a Digital Marketing Agency was altogether different from what I expected. With a team of 15-20 people and a quirky office, the place was well equipped to serve all needs. First introduction with my mentor was enough to figure out her talkative nature. With creative words, she was always busy thinking and discussing her ideas in the office. Being assigned as one of the member of Social Media team, I started to discover company by watching their previous projects and achievements. With guidance from my mentor, I started my project by discovering opportunities that a brand could leverage to create buzz in the online world. Our COO hosts regular meetings with content and social media team to create new ad campaigns. I, being an intern was surprisingly given a golden opportunity to attend the meeting and give my views and ideas as well. My teammates and seniors acknowledged the ideas I presented and gave proper guidance on how I could improve upon them. From writing blog posts to working on client briefs, I came across different types of projects during this internship. Though I worked as a Social Media Intern here, the work of creative team always inspired me. This creative bunch is always high on energy, and is always drawing Santa over the mountains or other crazy things. In a nutshell, Digivaasi is a creative hub with good music, interactive workplace, amazing colleagues and a super cool boss.

The most memorable thing about this internship was the fact that I could enjoy music all time at work while working on my projects. This place is incredible! I picked up a lot of things in a relatively short time and gained valuable insights into Digital Marketing. Thank you, Digivaasi, for all the wonderful moments & opportunities!


Danish Ahmed