While it was pretty easy to give birth to the idea of a first ever cricket game on Twitter, it as sheer stressful to bring it to total perfection. If you’d ask me, I’d say, Pepsi Tweet 20 wasn’t a Twitter miracle. It was fated for the response that humbled and bowled us over. While ideating on Twitter 20, the first thing that struck me was, we should aim to give the audience a taste of real cricket. Instead of just pushing a win-win situation like all the other brands on Twitter. A chance to win a ticket to see the ICC T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka was maybe a 20% of the total Tweet 20 experience. Or maybe even less.

Tweet 20 was a way to give the users the full authority to play their shots, and be rewarded accordingly. Integrating a unique hash tag in every ball-batting tweet meant that Tweet 20 will gain momentum in a very natural conversational way. Without striving much in the path of promotion, Tweet 20 became a game that thrived as being sheer entertaining, tactical and one-of-a-kind. People played to win matches, they got addicted in no less time.

Cricket has never experienced such thrilling encounters and ends before T20, where every ball counts. With Tweet 20, we wanted to keep it that ways. A user has to come to our dashboard page, figure out the basics of the game, use his cricketing knowledge to select the batting shot and check how far he hit the ball (on a wagon wheel). All in one go. Three consecutive sixes grant one a free sixer that can totally change your score. Hitting balls with more accuracy will increase one’s Skill Rate, which will aid to better bat and ball connections in the latter part of the game. Pepsi’s connection with the impatient youth fits in perfectly with the format of the real T20 and our Tweet 20, where you stay updated with your game, all the time, even on the go (with our Mobile version of the dashboard).

While the main idea was to make Tweet 20 a phenomenon on Twitter, we understood that better gameplay statistics would make the users come back for more. And that’s what happened in the course of Tweet 20. Nearly all our users visited the dashboard to have an upper hand in the game, instead of smashing their shots via Twitter. Even though the users had to perform certain in-game tasks via Twitter to win daily goodies and surprise tickets, the real contenders always came back on the dashboard for a tactical advantage. Thanks to the lively and better than real looking dashboard.

Every one-of-a-kind idea needs you to take that extra bit of stress, but once Pepsi Tweet 20 was crafted out, it was pure fun. It was so much fun playing it, that even I hit the ground for 7-8 games straight. To have pleased and electrified so many users following the Pepsi India handle is a joy in itself. People who were involved in this project ate, drank and slept Tweet 20 for some days. And that’s why I can honestly say, I have never been involved in such a killer campaign before.


If you are interested, watch the case study.