Much has been said about the once-mighty microsite and its fall from grace, but this little post at BBH Labs hits where everyone misses.

But as with all great ideas, there were thousands of bad executions, wasting clients’ money with little to show in scale or engagement as a result … If you make something great, they will come (or watch). Otherwise, they won’t.

The latter part of the latter sentence really is the key. Everyone seems to be convinced these days that nobody will ever visit their microsite and every idea should be based entirely where the “fans” are.  So what are your top 5 favourite branded Facebook apps, by the way?

The same kind of blanket rejections extend to “virals” these days. Sadly, amongst our marketers and agencies, there seems to be a firm belief that what they themselves like to refer as ‘virals’ don’t work anymore. It’s all too common to hear something like , “Oh those Sholay-type virals? People are not interested in those now.” We often succumb to the urge to ask which research study they are quoting. We owe this attitude to the ‘thousands of bad executions’ too, each with a horrific, banal Rajnikant parody.

Anyway, the point of course remains the same. Create something truly excellent, and people will watch. With or without Gabbar Singh.

(Thakur, on the other hand, is a 100% guarantee for success.)