We’re trying very hard not to let all the fame get to our heads.

We were recently covered in HT Mint – one of India’s best newspapers which does not only provide extensive news about stocks and stuff, but also gives balanced, in-depth analyses about important things like insurance and all. And it has graphs and pie charts. And it looks great.

Yes, yes. They’re one of our clients. So? We swear this wasn’t a plug. Would we make it sound like we’re sitting in Abbotabad? Read it here and see for yourself!

At the Digivaasi office, accessible only via a dark, winding staircase*, Sachdeva and creative director Prabhat Bhatnagar explains why that term [viral] is a misnomer.

*Emphasis ours

Picture courtesy HT Mint

That’s Prabhat Bhatnagar in red. Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Who was specifically asked to shave for the occasion and pretend to work seriously. And look, he’s still on Facebook!

Sigh. What can you do with these celebrities, really.