A little something we did for Blyk (pronounced: Blik) – a new mobile service launched in India by Aircel.

Since it’s exclusively for the youth – no, really: you don’t get it if you’re over 24, we think (which also shattered some illusions about ‘youth’ around here, sadly) – we tried to create a unique look and tone for the service and created a video explaining what it is, apart from a demo and the website.

The video went down well and was aired on TV as well. And it stars our very own creative team!

Hope you find the service interesting (and the video too!).

The same look and tone was carried over to the Aircel Facebook page, along with a neat little contest letting people star in the video too.

Link here, s’il vous plait 🙂

And while we’re at it, wish you a great new year from the digivaasis!