We’re proud to unveil our latest strategic innovation: our unique social media roadmap to help your brand connect with consumers like never before!

The revolutionary new strategy is based on the 3 pillars of the social ecosystem:
Widecasting of content
Transformation of media
Friendly social connections

Yes, it’s a joke.
But believe us, with a little work, it won’t be impossible to pass this off as serious document.
It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.


It’s hard to escape the hoopla around it.
Depending on who’s on the other end of table (and often their hairstyles and spectacle frames) it’s either the most overrated, useless piece of junk or the future of marketing, hell, of mankind itself.

In such a scenario, for a digital agency to say that they don’t ‘get’ it may be seen as the ultimate faux pas.
Well, being uninformed might just be better than being misinformed here.

So, yeah … we’re no social media gurus (Although we’d love to be … watch the video below).

Our social media strategy, approach, or whatever it’s called, can probably be described in a single sentence.
Use common sense, and a bit of creativity.

The way we see it, it’s just talking to people (even if they’re called tweeple, or some such travesty of the Queen’s language).
So, common sense mostly involves respecting those people and saying something meaningful.
And of course, saying it in a different, interesting way (that’s where that old-fashioned creativity kicks in).

What also confuses us is why social media is defined as facebook and twitter these days.
You know something is wrong when meetings begin with ‘What are we doing on facebook?’ and, ‘We can’t ignore twitter any longer’.
Well, we’re looking at our friends’ friends’ Thailand holiday albums on facebook, and we believe twitter is coping just fine with our continued cold-shouldering.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not dissing anything here, nor are we trying to look like smart-asses.
It’s just that even with our limited knowledge of the wonders of social media magic, we can tell you that Your-Product-Ville is not always the right answer. Just like nothing else is.

Maybe it all sounds like a load of uninformed blabbering (which it may very well be), but hey, we’re learning.

But if you secretly admit you don’t know jack about it either, don’t let it stop you from creating super-awesome presentations to impress your clients/bosses.

Here’s a handy tool to do just that:

Finally, why we’d love to be social media gurus: