We’ve got the chairs, finally, but still no time to make a decent website for ourselves. Which is bad, but kinda good too. Because that means we’ve been putting all our time into doing some work we can be proud of.

Like this one to buzz up MakeMyTrip Weekend Breakways.

Done for a campaign conceptualized by Euro RSCG, this site is where you go when that conference room starts to remind you of Shawshank.

The site:


Get out before you burn out!

And the Offisial Anthem done by Euro, which we just can’t get enough of:



Bahut hua Offisial Atyachaar!

This is just the beginning, and hopefully, you’ll be seeing more if this campaign around.

But still, excuse enough for a teeny celebration, we thought.

Hello and welcome. digiVaasi is now online!


We’re still getting the house in order, and figuring out how to tell people (including our families) what it is exactly that ‘digiVaasi’ means. Well, for a bunch of people who’d most likely trade their souls for a faster broadband connection, there’s nothing else we could call ourselves!

But for the definition-obsessed world, let’s just keep it at a ‘creatively led digital agency’. Hopefully, our work in the coming days will reflect who we really are.

We’ll be posting regular updates here about our work, our people and our, err… opinions. Yeah alright, it’ll probably mostly be random shit. But then, isn’t that one of the building blocks of the internet?

So then, until we find some time and a few chairs, here’s a little peek into our backyard.

Beats all those Global Super Cyber Business Parks, doesn’t it?

Of course, you’re welcome anytime for a cup of tea.

Or, post sunset, a shot or two of something stronger.